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Peyman distribution center was established in 1996 in the east of Tehran province. This unit was nationally registered in the spring of 2011 under the name of Peyman Pakhsh Ghorob company, to produce, distribute and export food and offered its products to the consumer market throughout Iran, including pizza cheese, sausages, sausages, kilo sauces, and singles
Due to the increasing expansion of the company’s activities, the managers of the company decided to supply the company’s brand products (Shegalio) in 2011.

According to the experiences gained as well as expert research
in 2012, the company decided to build a cheese production unit on a land area of 5420 square meters in Komeijan city to supply the pizza cheese needed by customers with a unique quality according to the rich and delicious milk of the region to the consumer market. Eventually, the tireless efforts of the members of the group paid off in October 1992, and the Shegallio pizza cheese factory started operating. With God’s blessings, this company has now succeeded in supplying over one hundred and fifty tons of processed cheese and mozzarella cheese to the consumer market per month. Also in 1995, the company succeeded in launching the production line of sweetened confectionery cream.
We hope that with our efforts we can take a small step towards the development of our dear Iran.

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